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Sandra Bullock’s ‘The Unforgivable’, a solid revenge-vs-redemption tale; Memories haunt the slow-burn psychodrama ‘The Lost Daughter’

Bad reflection: Sandra Bullock is on the road to redemption in ‘The Unforgivable’. THE UNFORGIVABLE *** (112 minutes) M Following ...
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Slow-burn noir thriller ‘Nightmare Alley’ is a classy style piece with a strong story and a slick lead turn from an oily Bradley Cooper

Dastardly duo: Cate Blanchett and Bradley Cooper team up in ‘Nightmare Alley’. NIGHTMARE ALLEY ***1/2 (150 minutes) MA It’s not ...
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Kristen Stewart’s performance as Princess Di is on point in ‘Spencer’, yet the film overall is a slog that plays up her image as a Royal victim

Dead ringer: Kristen Stewart plays Princess Diana in the drama ‘Spencer’. SPENCER ** (116 minutes) M There’s no sense in ...
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Extraordinary verite doco ‘Sunken Roads’: a perceptive, personal journey of discovery reliving D-Day through the power of memory

Time to reflect: Veterans recall the D-Day landings in the war documentary ‘Sunken Roads’. SUNKEN ROADS: THREE GENERATIONS AFTER D-DAY ...
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Latest Video Interviews

Shooting ‘Sunken Roads’ was hard enough for director Charlotte Juergens but funding stressed her to the point where she nearly gave up

“People engage with history a little differently in my generation.” Extremely well-edited and briskly paced, Sunken Roads is an unconventional ...
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Covid-themed, art scene satire ‘Project Space 13’ has fun with lockdown in NYC; Interview with writer/director Michael Bilandic

One of the stars of ‘Project Space 13’: “All good comedy is self-deprecating on some level,” says writer/director Michael Bilandic ...
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Latest Articles & Commentary

Predictable with so-so action, ‘The 355’ is lifted by its female leads

Watch out world: Four-fifths of the glamourous lead cast in action film ‘The 355’. THE 355 **1/2 (122 MINUTES) M ...
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Finally, what you’ve all been waiting for: The Ultimate ‘I’m A Celebrity’ all-purpose review that covers the entire show for all time

The Jungle Calls: The famous fight it out and learn life lessons in ‘I’m A Celebrity…etc’. Wow, what an absolutely ...
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With a raft of stunning aerial acts, the live spectacle ‘Oracle’ offers a sensory and sensual experience for the eyes and ears

Up in the Air: One of the stunning aerial acts in the stage show ‘Oracle’. ORACLE: Playhouse; Arts Centre Melbourne; ...
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The Year That Almost Wasn’t: A survey of 30 films that tell the story of film in 2021 as Covid ravaged the rapidly changing movie world

Killer portrait: ‘Nitram’, by far the best film of 2021. To state the obvious, it was another bumpy year for ...
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Latest Comedy

Wrapping his thorny mace of material in the bubble wrap of laughter, Amos Gill proves himself a skilled seller of unfashionable cynicism

Amos Gill: Kept his audience onside through a minefield of hot-button topics. AMOS GILL – THE SHEEPLE’S CHAMPION **** Swiss ...
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The Next Big Thing in comedy might already be here if local stand-up Dahn Rozario has his way. Interview – MICF 2021

“Oh, I want to be, like, the biggest Australian comedian. That’s the goal.” Full of bubbly confidence, comedian Dahn Rozario ...
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The Journeyman Comedian – an interview with veteran comedy scene fixture Terry North

“I was the class clown. I had to be, otherwise I’d get beaten up.” No discussion about the Melbourne comedy ...
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Who needs a secure, high paying job in the petroleum industry when you can do stand-up? Kevin Passman explains – MICF 2021

“What have I sacrificed? A high-paying, dangerous job that I did not like, so it’s not really that much of ...
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