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Brace for shocks as the blood gushes in body-horror film ‘Possessor’

Big trip: An assassin (Andrea Riseborough) prepares to enter another’s mind in ‘Possessor’. POSSESSOR *** (104 minutes) R18+ In that ...
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Black comedy ‘Fatman’ delivers dark delights for Christmas cynics

A real Bad Santa: Mel Gibson stars as a financially strapped Santa Claus in ‘Fatman’. FATMAN *** (100 minutes) MA ...
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Girl-girl rom-com ‘Happiest Season’ is a festive fizzer

Christmas cheers: Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis star in ‘Happiest Season’. HAPPIEST SEASON *1/2 (102 minutes) M One of the ...
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‘Koko: a Red Dog Story’ offers a novel spin on the format of making-of docos – includes interview with producer Nelson Woss

Dog tale: The trials of making ‘Red Dog’ are detailed in ‘Koko: A Red Dog Story’. KOKO: A RED DOG ...
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Latest Video Interviews

How ‘Red Dog’ producer Nelson Woss was transformed by his canine star and became the unwitting star of ‘Koko: a Red Dog Story’

“We never thought our audience were cinephiles, we thought our audience were dog lovers.” – producer Nelson Woss. The highly ...
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“It’s not rocket science.” – Caroline Goodall talks about writing and producing her first film ‘The Bay of Silence’

“You’re so aware as an actor that every minute is money.” – actress/writer/producer Caroline Goodall. Based on the 1986 novel ...
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Test screenings helped shape ‘Never Too Late’, a star-spangled comedy with a serious subtext and a message to the industry: Mark Lamprell interview

Mark Lamprell: “I wanted the actors to play it, not for the laughs, but for the truth of the moment, ...
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Spinning comedy gold from her own quarter-life crisis for ‘Hot Mess’: interview with writer/director Lucy Coleman

“I really like this Charlie Kaufman quote: What is unique to you is specific to everyone.” Based in Sydney, Lucy ...
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Latest Articles & Commentary

Olivia de Havilland dies at 104; studio-defying actress pioneered strong female leads, sued Warner Bros and won creative freedom

Game changer: The debt actresses today owe Olivia de Havilland is incalculable. The sad passing of Olivia de Havilland – ...
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Redacting pop culture to appease woke warriors is sheer PC idiocy and won’t help Black Lives Matter

Problem?: The storm over a 45-year old episode of ‘Fawlty Towers’ hit a tipping point. CAUTION: This article contains material ...
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Oscars 2020 – Asian talent reigns but being hostless, woke and way, way long leaves viewers cold

Cow man: Joaquin Phoenix gives a shout out to cows while accepting his Best Actor award for ‘Joker’ at this ...
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Midsumma Festival 2020 – meet the two most interesting people there

T-shirt tale: this timely reminder of the 1969 culture-changing Stonewall riots in New York was a highlight at Midsumma Festival ...
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Latest Comedy

The Upside of the CV-19 Lockdown – Interview with comedian, actress & voiceover artist Katie Reddin-Clancy

“I’ve been extremely lucky with the Coronavirus. I had this luxury of focused time to write.” The Coronavirus restrictions have ...
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What Becomes of the Cancelled Comedian? – Case Study #1: Andrew McClelland

“Throughout winter I guess I’m gonna be on Centrelink and hustling wherever I can. Maybe I’ll go back to K-Mart ...
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What Becomes of the Cancelled Comedian? – Case Study #3: Chris Ryan

“Look, my dad’s favourite saying is: ‘Don’t waste a crisis’.”- Chris Ryan Just three years into her rising comedy career ...
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What Becomes of the Cancelled Comedian? – Case Study #2: Yianni Agisilaou

“In an industry which almost exclusively relies on live performance, that income stream’s just completely gone.” – Yianni Agisilaou Seasoned ...
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