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Latest Movies & Streaming Reviews

‘Becoming Cousteau’ a worthy tribute to the legendary filmmaker, explorer and pioneering environmental activist, flaws and all

Marine boy: Filmmaker and explorer Jacques Cousteau is profiled in ‘Becoming Cousteau’. BECOMING COUSTEAU ***1/2 (93 minutes) M Though we ...
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‘Love You Like That’: an Oz rom-com so bad it’s excruciating

Who’s that girl?: Allira Jaques plays a mystery woman in ‘Love You Like That’. LOVE YOU LIKE THAT 1/2 (103 ...
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Hilarious blend of spot-on social satire and Pythonesque silliness are served up in target-rich Australian sketch series ‘The Moth Effect’

Comedy gold: This Q-Anon quartet is ready for makeover action in ‘The Moth Effect’. THE MOTH EFFECT **** (108 minutes; ...
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Riffing on ‘Rear Window’, first-class, twist-laden mystery-thriller ‘The Voyeurs’ plays on the dangers when dark fantasies turn real

Only looking: Sydney Sweeney and Justice Smith star in and as ‘The Voyeurs’. THE VOYEURS **** (116 minutes) R Oh, ...
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Latest Video Interviews

Babi Yar: marking the 80th anniversary of the Nazi atrocity in Kiev, Ukraine – interview with historian & educator Dr Simon Holloway

“Babi Yar was, at that time, the largest massacre to have taken place.” Eighty years ago on 29 and 30 ...
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How making the sex education doco ‘A Sexplanation’ with an open mind challenged its maker’s biases: interview with director Alex Liu

“The more you can be that person where you’re open and warm and understanding and non-judgmental, the more you’ll find ...
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Taking a deep dive into the dynamics of a troubled marriage without intruding on the drama: interview with Robert Machoian, writer/director/editor of ‘The Killing of Two Lovers’

“For me in cinema the micro-actions are as critical as the larger actions.” Director Robert Machoian discusses the making and ...
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Latest Articles & Commentary

With The Rolling Stones’ 50 year-old classic ‘Brown Sugar’ cancelled due to offensive lyrics, what hope do other classic songs have?

For the furnace: Could Bruce Springsteen’s haunting classic survive a woke purge? The news that The Rolling Stones are going ...
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Cancel-proof Dave Chappelle applies a friendly blowtorch to LGBTQ+ politics in hilarious, hot-button, anti-woke special ‘The Closer’

No filter: Dave Chappelle pushes back against cancel culture in ‘The Closer’. DAVE CHAPPELLE: THE CLOSER **** (73 minutes) MA ...
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The uncomfortable truth about watching festival films online

Round and round: The buffering wheel was one of the unwelcome guests at MIFF 2021. Nobody needs to be told ...
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Goya: Drawings from the Prado Museum: overview (short version)

Simpleton’s folly. This is a shortened version of the Goya exhibition video. Please enjoy. For more info and tickets go ...
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Latest Comedy

Wrapping his thorny mace of material in the bubble wrap of laughter, Amos Gill proves himself a skilled seller of unfashionable cynicism

Amos Gill: Kept his audience onside through a minefield of hot-button topics. AMOS GILL – THE SHEEPLE’S CHAMPION **** Swiss ...
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The Next Big Thing in comedy might already be here if local stand-up Dahn Rozario has his way. Interview – MICF 2021

“Oh, I want to be, like, the biggest Australian comedian. That’s the goal.” Full of bubbly confidence, comedian Dahn Rozario ...
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The Journeyman Comedian – an interview with veteran comedy scene fixture Terry North

“I was the class clown. I had to be, otherwise I’d get beaten up.” No discussion about the Melbourne comedy ...
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Who needs a secure, high paying job in the petroleum industry when you can do stand-up? Kevin Passman explains – MICF 2021

“What have I sacrificed? A high-paying, dangerous job that I did not like, so it’s not really that much of ...
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