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‘Greenland’ hits home as an above-average, family-centred disaster movie with strong, desperate characters and apocalyptic visuals

Unhappy days: A desperate mother ((Morena Baccarin) and her son (Roger Dale Floyd) run for their lives in the disaster ...
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Eddie Murphy flails in limp, unfunny sequel ‘Coming 2 America’

Something smells: Eddie Murphy returns in the comedy sequel ‘Coming 2 America’. COMING 2 AMERICA * (108 minutes) MA The ...
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Top acting & hot-button issues drive the searing Oz drama ‘Disclosure’

Let’s talk: Two couples are forced to deal with a nightmare situation in the Australian drama ‘Disclosure’. DISCLOSURE ***1/2 (84 ...
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Disney delivers another great princess hero with ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’, an uplifting, inclusive comedy adventure for the family

Up for action: Raya proves herself a worthy Disney princess in ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’. RAYA AND THE LAST ...
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Latest Video Interviews

Facing down the climate emergency through the passion & power of protest in ‘Wild Things’ – interview with director Sally Ingleton

“Somebody else can make a film about the loggers and the miners; this film was really about the world of ...
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Lone Wolf Luke: Director Luke Sparke discusses the maverick approach he took in making his sci-fi epic ‘Occupation Rainfall’

“I like being outside the box of the Australian film industry.” – Luke Sparke By any fair measure, Luke Sparke ...
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‘The Dry’ aims to connect after delays and despite COVID-19: interview with actor/producer Eric Bana & director Robert Connolly

Actor Eric Bana & director Robert Connolly discuss their new film The Dry, based on the best-selling novel by Jane ...
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Using a crime-thriller to confront the tough issues mainstream films avoid – interview with writer/director John Marco Lopez

“It’s like the old saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’; I feel the same way about independent ...
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Latest Articles & Commentary

Ideas run dry in absurdist Swedish art piece ‘About Endlessness’

Need a hand?: A man shoulders the ultimate burden in ‘About Endlessness’. ABOUT ENDLESSNESS ** (76 minutes; subtitled) M The ...
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Cinemas likely to die and movie pirates likely to pounce with the home release of ‘WW84’, a brave move by Warner Bros that might backfire

Running into trouble: The home release of ‘WW84’ could ignite widespread movie piracy. In what could turn out to be ...
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Ignore the critical pile-on; Ron Howard’s ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ is a fine film about poverty, perseverence, neglect and class

Listen up: Glenn Close plays a grandmother who’s not to be messed with in ‘Hillbilly Elegy’. HILLBILLY ELEGY *** (116 ...
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Bob the cat returns to pluck the heart-strings once again

Christmas cat: Luke Treadaway and Bob the Cat star in ‘A Christmas Gift from Bob’. A CHRISTMAS GIFT FROM BOB ...
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Latest Comedy

The Upside of the CV-19 Lockdown – Interview with comedian, actress & voiceover artist Katie Reddin-Clancy

“I’ve been extremely lucky with the Coronavirus. I had this luxury of focused time to write.” The Coronavirus restrictions have ...
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What Becomes of the Cancelled Comedian? – Case Study #1: Andrew McClelland

“Throughout winter I guess I’m gonna be on Centrelink and hustling wherever I can. Maybe I’ll go back to K-Mart ...
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What Becomes of the Cancelled Comedian? – Case Study #3: Chris Ryan

“Look, my dad’s favourite saying is: ‘Don’t waste a crisis’.”- Chris Ryan Just three years into her rising comedy career ...
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What Becomes of the Cancelled Comedian? – Case Study #2: Yianni Agisilaou

“In an industry which almost exclusively relies on live performance, that income stream’s just completely gone.” – Yianni Agisilaou Seasoned ...
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