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Latest Movie Reviews

The Call of the Wild; Sonic the Hedgehog; The Professor and the Madman

Motion capture emotion: Harrison Ford co-stars with a digitally rendered dog in ‘The Call of the Wild’. THE CALL OF ...
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Emma – a faithful, funny remake of Jane Austen’s cautionary tale about a meddling minx

Match-making minx – Anya Taylor-Joy plays the titular role in the latest remake of Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’. EMMA *** (125 ...
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Birds of Prey; For Sama; H Is for Happiness; The Lighthouse

Bad girl blues: Margot Robbie as semi-villain Harley Quinn in ‘Birds of Prey’. BIRDS OF PREY ***1/2 (109 minutes) MA ...
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Midway; The Peanut Butter Falcon; Seberg; A Hidden Life

Battle stations: ‘Midway’ offers an old-school war movie with state-of-the-art visual effects. MIDWAY ***1/2 (132 minutes) M Those pining for ...
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Latest Video Interviews

Rough Seas for A Boy Called Sailboat – Interview with Cameron Nugent & Andrew Curry

Editor/writer/director Cameron Nugent (left) & producer Andrew Curry discuss the ups and downs of making their independent film ‘A Boy ...
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I Am No Bird – interview with director Em Baker

Beyond the vow: Melbourne director Em Baker explores marriage from several perspectives in her feature-length documentary ‘I Am No Bird’ ...
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Exploring the Underside of Australian Masculinity – Interview with ‘Happy Sad Man’ director Genevieve Bailey

Mythbuster: Melbourne director Genevieve Bailey challenges stereotypes about Australian men in her new documentary ‘Happy Sad Man’. Based in Brunswick, ...
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Shaping a New Kind of Zombie Movie – Interview with ‘Little Monsters’ director Abe Forsythe

Worst of all fears: Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong’o gives her all playing kindergarten teacher Miss Audrey in the zombie horror-comedy ‘Little ...
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Latest Articles & Commentary

Oscars 2020 – Asian talent reigns but being hostless, woke and way, way long leaves viewers cold

Cow man: Joaquin Phoenix gives a shout out to cows while accepting his Best Actor award for ‘Joker’ at this ...
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The films of 2019 – the good the bad and the perfectly watchable

Why so serious?: ‘Joker’ showed Hollywood how counter-intuitive filmmaking can work. Here’s a quick run-through of the films that stood ...
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Riding high: Teresa Palmer as Michelle Payne in ‘Ride Like a Girl’, the biggest Australian film of the year. As ...
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Keith Haring & Jean Michel Basquiat – Crossing Lines preview

Video coverage of the media of Crossing Lines, a major exhibition featuring the work of Keith Haring and Jean Michel ...
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