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‘Jungle Cruise’: Disney’s fun family adventure hits the spot thanks to three rich lead performances that give the action heart and meaning

No refunds: Emily Blunt, Dwayne Johnson & Jack Whitehall star in ‘Jungle Cruise’. JUNGLE CRUISE ***1/2 (127 minutes) M At ...
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Kate Beckinsale delivers fab femme action in the violent comedy ‘Jolt’

Anger issues: Kate Beckinsale makes a point in the action-comedy ‘Jolt’. JOLT *** (91 minutes) MA In a fabulous, fiery, ...
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Compelling race-themed mystery served up in ‘Antebellum’

Breaking ranks: Janelle Monae confronts America’s dark history in ‘Antebellum’. ANTEBELLUM *** (106 minutes) MA An impressive opening tracking shot ...
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Latest Articles & Commentary

Goya: Drawings from the Prado Museum: overview (short version)

Simpleton’s folly. This is a shortened version of the Goya exhibition video. Please enjoy. For more info and tickets go ...
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Francisco Goya: godfather of Goth, satirist, bold anti-war artist: an overview of ‘Goya: Drawings from the Prado Museum’ @ NGV

As a widely heralded and popular court painter, Francisco Goya (1746 – 1828) enjoyed great privilege and wealth producing sumptuous ...
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The Brief Debrief: ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ was a fun-filled melange of dumplings, cheating and bungling – but is Sir Alan Sugar going soft?

We saw what you did: Martha Kalifatidis feels the heat but dodges a firing on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’. Of all the ...
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Why you & everyone you know should be watching ‘Celebrity Apprentice Australia’, the show that redefines what “celebrity” now is

Happy together: Sir Alan Sugar and the gang from ‘Celebrity Apprentice Australia’. (Composited image) News just in that a new ...
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Latest Comedy

Wrapping his thorny mace of material in the bubble wrap of laughter, Amos Gill proves himself a skilled seller of unfashionable cynicism

Amos Gill: Kept his audience onside through a minefield of hot-button topics. AMOS GILL – THE SHEEPLE’S CHAMPION **** Swiss ...
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The Next Big Thing in comedy might already be here if local stand-up Dahn Rozario has his way. Interview – MICF 2021

“Oh, I want to be, like, the biggest Australian comedian. That’s the goal.” Full of bubbly confidence, comedian Dahn Rozario ...
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The Journeyman Comedian – an interview with veteran comedy scene fixture Terry North

“I was the class clown. I had to be, otherwise I’d get beaten up.” No discussion about the Melbourne comedy ...
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Who needs a secure, high paying job in the petroleum industry when you can do stand-up? Kevin Passman explains – MICF 2021

“What have I sacrificed? A high-paying, dangerous job that I did not like, so it’s not really that much of ...
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