Jim Schembri

Hit For Six

HIT FOR SIX (Pearson, 2003) When Ian turns up on the first day of fourth term the lads on the school cricket team think he […]

The Real Deal

THE REAL DEAL (Pearson, 2003) With the aid of a video camera, a plank of wood, some torches and a good dose of over-acting, two […]

Chicken Spots

CHICKEN SPOTS (Pearson, 2002) Shaun can never seem to do a thing right, and so comes up with a way to trick people into believing […]

Holiday on Earth

HOLIDAY ON EARTH (Barrie Publishing, 2001) The diary of a pleasant family weekend away on the planet Earth, as told from the point of view […]

Tiny Island Fever

TINY ISLAND FEVER (Barry Publishing, 2001) Exiled by his over-regulated society to a tiny island for daring to clear his throat after 4pm on a […]

Promise Not To Bite

PROMISE NOT TO BITE (2000, Macmillan) Charlie has to protect Fiona, his giant, talking pet spider, when the men from the lab that created her […]

The Trouble With Penguins

THE TROUBLE WITH PENGUINS (2000, Macmillan) Gwen and her friends are not your average penguins. They cruise the ocean in their motorised luxury iceberg-home looking […]


THUNDERNOSE (2000, Macmillan) Janie has a bad case of hay fever, and she is sneezing so hard she becomes unstuck in space and time. After […]