Jim Schembri

It Came From Channel 5

IT CAME FROM CHANNEL 5 (1999, Longman, an imprint of Pearson) Two high-school girls discover the shocking truth behind the hugely popular children’s TV show, […]

The Battle For Roserock Bottom

THE BATTLE FOR ROSEROCK BOTTOM (1998, Longman, an imprint of Pearson) The faeries, gnomes and elves of an Enchanted Forest try to stop the bulldozers […]

I Was A Teenage Exam Cheat

  I WAS A TEENAGE EXAM CHEAT (1998, Longman, an imprint of Pearson) A high school boy who habitually cheats on his exams gets two […]

Geek Street

GEEK STREET (Pearson, 2004) Lionel Flimpton is a geek with a rare privilege: he is being bullied not by one but two schoolyard tyrants who […]

Room for One

ROOM FOR ONE (1994, McPhee Gribble) A humorous account of the perils of post-relationship bachelorhood. Named as one of 1994’s best books by Geremie Barme, […]