Jim Schembri

Say Boo To Penny For Me

SAY BOO TO PENNY FOR ME (1998, Longman, an imprint of Pearson) Set in the near future, three close girlfriends are unwittingly drawn into a […]

Murder in Aisle 9

MURDER IN AISLE 9 (2000, Lothian) Bored supermarket checkout girl Nelia Renetti begins to suspect one of her customers is cheating on his wife. She […]

Welcome to Minute 16

WELCOME TO MINUTE 16 (2000, Lothian) The career of teen soap opera starlet Amira Dolanes is in freefall. The public and the cold-hearted media tell […]

The Lychee Conspiracy

THE LYCHEE CONSPIRACY (Lothian, 2002) After a wave of highly professional burglaries in the exclusive suburb of Hyland leaves the police frustrated, two mall-loving teenage […]

Portal Bandits

PORTAL BANDITS (Lothian, 2002) Garth, Arnold and Lucy are three typical high school students who are busy dealing with the typical problems of being teenagers […]

Better Than Ice-Cream

BETTER THAN ICE-CREAM (2000, Macmillan) All Tommy wants on this hot day at the beach is an ice-cream. But one thing leads to another and […]

Splash & Dear Jack

Jim also contributed to two anthologies: The Cockatoo Revelation, for Splash – Stories for Hot Summer Days (1998, Viking) Two pieces for Dear Jack – […]

A Modern Fable

A MODERN FABLE (1995, Angus & Robertson) A collection of 52 modern fables taken from Jim Schembri’s weekly fable column, which appeared in The Age […]