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In ‘Disgraceful’, Lucy Best recounts her naughty personal history, confronting issues of anxiety & misplaced shame; review/interview

“I want this show to be fun…I don’t want to dwell on the difficult bits but, of course, there were ...
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“Comedy is my way of making us all feel human together, because you can’t laugh with someone and hate them at the same time.”: Alice Fraser review & interview

“Sometimes I realize that I write my shows upside down.” REVIEW Alice Fraser, Chronos The Greek Centre Reviewed: 21 April ...
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Making ‘When the Camera Stopped Rolling’ marked a new phase in Jane Castle’s barbed relationship with her remarkable mother

“I never actually wanted to make a film about her. I kinda had the shits with her.” While When the ...
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Hard work still feels like play and experience has made stress a smaller issue for comedy festival fixture Simon Taylor: review/interview

“I do like that idea of the audience seeing you grow.” REVIEW Simon Taylor: Epic The Toff in Town Reviewed ...
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In ‘Young, Dumb and Full of Mum’ Rose Callaghan discovers how having a child involves changing more than nappies: review & interview

“When I see what other women are going through and how hard they have it then I’m, like, ‘whoa! No-one’s ...
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