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“I’m not an activist filmmaker but this film was a response to what is going on in our world”: ‘River’ director Jennifer Peedom interview

‘River’ director Jennifer Peedom. Following her record-setting box-office hits with the documentaries Sherpa (2016) and Mountain (2017) – which took ...
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Stepping into ‘Facing Monsters’ at short notice, director Bentley Dean was keen to make a surf film as much about the surfer as the waves

Not your father’s surf movie: director Bentley Dean. With his latest project about to hit Stan, director Bentley Dean took ...
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So, how does a first-time director nab a world-class cinematographer to shoot his little low-budget movie? Sasha Hadden and Don McAlpine explain all

It’s a match: cinematographer Don McAlpine and director Sasha Hadden. Shot on video, A Stitch in Time‘s first-time writer/director Sasha ...
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Shooting ‘Sunken Roads’ was hard enough for director Charlotte Juergens but funding stressed her to the point where she nearly gave up

“People engage with history a little differently in my generation.” Extremely well-edited and briskly paced, Sunken Roads is an unconventional ...
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Covid-themed, art scene satire ‘Project Space 13’ has fun with lockdown in NYC; Interview with writer/director Michael Bilandic

One of the stars of ‘Project Space 13’: “All good comedy is self-deprecating on some level,” says writer/director Michael Bilandic ...
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Framing Justin – director Michael D Ratner on the fine art of making a fan film capturing Justin Bieber’s mammoth Covid-safe concert

“It was supposed to give you a real inside look at this unique moment in time where live events weren’t ...
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