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Shooting ‘Sunken Roads’ was hard enough for director Charlotte Juergens but funding stressed her to the point where she nearly gave up

“People engage with history a little differently in my generation.” Extremely well-edited and briskly paced, Sunken Roads is an unconventional ...
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Covid-themed, art scene satire ‘Project Space 13’ has fun with lockdown in NYC; Interview with writer/director Michael Bilandic

One of the stars of ‘Project Space 13’: “All good comedy is self-deprecating on some level,” says writer/director Michael Bilandic ...
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Framing Justin – director Michael D Ratner on the fine art of making a fan film capturing Justin Bieber’s mammoth Covid-safe concert

“It was supposed to give you a real inside look at this unique moment in time where live events weren’t ...
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Babi Yar: marking the 80th anniversary of the Nazi atrocity in Kiev, Ukraine – interview with historian & educator Dr Simon Holloway

“Babi Yar was, at that time, the largest massacre to have taken place.” Eighty years ago on 29 and 30 ...
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How making the sex education doco ‘A Sexplanation’ with an open mind challenged its maker’s biases: interview with director Alex Liu

“The more you can be that person where you’re open and warm and understanding and non-judgmental, the more you’ll find ...
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Taking a deep dive into the dynamics of a troubled marriage without intruding on the drama: interview with Robert Machoian, writer/director/editor of ‘The Killing of Two Lovers’

“For me in cinema the micro-actions are as critical as the larger actions.” Director Robert Machoian discusses the making and ...
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