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Here is a complete up-to-date list of writings. (Just click on the title for a cover image and brief synopsis.) NOVELS Media Savvy Portal Bandits […]

Media Savvy

MEDIA SAVVY (2008, Lothian) While on work experience with a TV news crew, 16 year-old Cobey Miles suddenly finds herself in front of the camera […]

In It Up To Here

IN IT UP TO HERE (1997, Longman, an imprint of Pearson) Alex and Nigel are two teenage boys who love the violence and action of […]

The Jay Beans Guild

THE JAY BEANS GUILD (1998, Longman, an imprint of Pearson) Wealthy private school student Lionel Nebber has his comfortable, upper-class life thrown off course when […]

Say Boo To Penny For Me

SAY BOO TO PENNY FOR ME (1998, Longman, an imprint of Pearson) Set in the near future, three close girlfriends are unwittingly drawn into a […]

Murder in Aisle 9

MURDER IN AISLE 9 (2000, Lothian) Bored supermarket checkout girl Nelia Renetti begins to suspect one of her customers is cheating on his wife. She […]

Welcome to Minute 16

WELCOME TO MINUTE 16 (2000, Lothian) The career of teen soap opera starlet Amira Dolanes is in freefall. The public and the cold-hearted media tell […]

The Lychee Conspiracy

THE LYCHEE CONSPIRACY (Lothian, 2002) After a wave of highly professional burglaries in the exclusive suburb of Hyland leaves the police frustrated, two mall-loving teenage […]

Portal Bandits

PORTAL BANDITS (Lothian, 2002) Garth, Arnold and Lucy are three typical high school students who are busy dealing with the typical problems of being teenagers […]