Media Savvy

MEDIA SAVVY (2008, Lothian)

While on work experience with a TV news crew, 16 year-old Cobey Miles suddenly finds herself in front of the camera covering a breaking news story about two bodies being uncovered in the ice. She proves an instant hit and her burgeoning modelling career starts to skyrocket. But when she sniffs something fishy behind the scenes at the station, Cobey realises that the story she has to tell is something certain people do not want to hear. Cobey is ultimately faced with a hard choice: leave the story alone and seize upon the success she is enjoying, or reveal the truth and risk consequences that may endanger her career – or her life. From the acclaimed author of MURDER IN AISLE 9, WELCOME TO MINUTE 16 and THE EIGHT LIVES OF STULLIE THE GREAT, Jim Schembri once again scripts a fast-paced and edgy novel, laced with humorous writing.