Melbourne homeless #2 – more stories from the streets

Most of these interviews were conducted in the middle of the year, around June and July. Be cautioned that many of the stories contain distressing details about drugs, family abandonment and domestic violence. Those in need of support please call 1800 737 732.

Kwin: “When I was in a coma they put my rent up to full market value because I couldn’t put an income statement in.”

Faith, 39: “I don’t want to be a burden. Compared to others I count myself very lucky.”

Becky, 35: “All my family is homeless.”

Joel, 50: “The public think I’m a piece of shit. They think we’re nothing. They call me a loser, scumbag. ‘Go and get a job’.”

Julia: “There’s been a couple of times where I’ve fallen asleep and someone’s come up and taken my money out of the money box.”

Kai, 51: Has been homeless for 20 years, on heroin for 35, “on and off”.

Lisa on her dog Chocolate: “I love her more than anything. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her.”

Peter, 55: “My parents passed away and my sister sold the house and I ended up homeless.”

Rapper, 35. It’s cold and it’s raining. Where is he going to sleep? “That’s a very good question, sir. I wouldn’t have a clue…Once you’re asleep you can’t really feel anything.”

Samantha, 52: “It’s the younger generation a lot of times I find are the most cold-hearted.”

Suze: “Happiness is based on happenings.”

Talha, 38: Homeless for 20 years; daily drug user. “I like being on the streets. I like being homeless. It’s fun.”

Tif, 41: “I’ve had no teeth for the whole of Covid. It’s so embarrassing. I cry every day over it and the way I feel and the way I’ve been teased by people.”

Tony, 52: “I like to hold my head up and say I’ve never robbed anyone and I’ve never hurt anyone. I feel good in my heart about that.”

Chris: “I was bit by a white-tail spider recently, I just nearly had my fingers amputated.”

Tui, 45: “There simply is no fucking housing. So what am I supposed to do?”

Peter, 38: “I was always working in good corporate jobs but I was using too many drugs and whatnot on the weekends. It caught up with me after about 20 years.”

Steve, 46: “I’ve got somewhere to live but now I’ve got bills to pay. That’s why I’m out here begging because I haven’t got a job.”

Ray, 56: “My mother gave me the love that I needed. But my father, he just didn’t know how to control his alcohol.”

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