Reflecting on the blessings of his COVID year in Adelaide and the Curse of David Bowie, Gordon Southern toys with the upside of dark times – MICF 2021

“It’s very difficult to find a positive message after what happened last year, but I think I’ve found a way.”

When his tech guy called in sick, British comedian was preparing to skill-up his partner to cover the audio cues for his show Nisolation. Fortunately, a replacement came through in good time, putting Gordon in a slightly more relaxed frame of mind for a chat than he might otherwise have been.

With 25 years in comedy under his belt, Gordon Southern is no stranger to these parts and is considering taking out full citizenship, which would be good for Australia, but yet another blow for Britain to deal with on top of Brexit and the pandemic.

The interview took place on the upper floor of The Elephant and Wheelbarrow, (Friday, 5.30pm, 9 April)

Please enjoy.

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