Using comedy to tell their truths – Nikki Viveca, Amna Bee & Heather Joan talk about processing experiences through humour – MICF 2021

“I don’t think I’m trying to work through anything through comedy but I think I’m trying to help the audience work through their bullshit about me.” – Heather Joan

In this lively chance encounter at the Festival on Sunday evening, comedians Nikki Viveca, Amna Bee and Heather Joan discuss their various comedy approaches and how humour can serve as an all-access entry point into their lives, where they can create understanding through laughter. They also address some of life’s bigger questions.

Details here for Don’t Tell My Family by Amna Bee and Queerly Beloved by Heather Joan.

Nikki Viveca is taking a break from presenting a solo show this year.

Please enjoy.