Taking a deep dive into the one-man free music movement and the disruption it causes; interview with director Ryan Camarda

“I was trying to shoot for the moon even though the budget was really low for this kind of thing.” – director Ryan Camarda.

This interview with documentary maker Ryan Camarda takes us inside Royalty Free: The Music of Kevin MacLeod, his comprehensive profile of the New York composer whose music is offered free to any content creator in return for credit.

Camarda explores how this innovative business model has been a boon for many artists, yet has threatened the livelihood of many musicians.


Interview index

00:00 Origins of project;
01:40 Approaching Kevin MacLeod;
02:15 Culture of free content; Creative Commons;
06:55 Issue of real-life impact of free content;
08:25 No surprise at MacLeod’s rationale;
09:30 Nuts & bolts of making the film; scant government funds for independent filmmakers;
10:40 Kickstarter; self-finance;
11:05 Budget estimate;
12:53 Life of the film;
13:20 MacLeod’s reaction to the film;
13:50 Audience reaction;
14:30 Why it took seven years to make;
16:15 What he shot the film with.