The Upside of the CV-19 Lockdown – Interview with comedian, actress & voiceover artist Katie Reddin-Clancy

“I’ve been extremely lucky with the Coronavirus. I had this luxury of focused time to write.”

The Coronavirus restrictions have had a huge impact on comedians the world over. Deprived of audiences and festivals, which lots of comedians depend on for income and exposure, many have struggled to keep afloat financially and creatively.

For British comedian Katie Reddin-Clancy, however, the crisis has provided unexpected opportunities. She has been able to develop her new show The Education We Didn’t Have to a higher degree thanks to the extra time provided by the lockdown, plus she’s been furthering her career as a sought-after voiceover artist, which she has been doing for 17 years.

She has toured Australia twice, first with her show Kate Middleton: Show Queen in 2013, then with Grace in 2018.

In this wide-ranging and frank Skype interview she discusses the effects the virus has had on her and others, as well as a host of other topics, detailed below.

She has a lot to say, is willing to face tough questions and reflects on the nightmare of technical failure.

Please enjoy.

00:12 Australian experience
01:13 Kate Middleton, Show Queen
02:58 Grace;
04:44 Adelaide Festival experience;
05:40 Melbourne experience;
06:07 Coronavirus impact;
10:00 Luxury of extra time to develop new show;
13:26 Upskilling; self-taping;
15:00 Changes to casting process;
16:43 Monologue writing;
17:34 Boon for voiceover work;
18:20 Setting up home studio & business; aiming for self-sufficiency;
19:26 Shout-out to parents;
20:03 Entering show in BBC writing competition;
22:10 Changes to Grace after reading review;
23:33 The Education We Didn’t Have;
25:34 Theme of outmoded teaching;
27:30 Worries about the future re: automation & unemployment;
30:00 Balance between comedy and voiceover work;
31:10 Entering gaming and audiobook field;
31:53 Aiming for self-sufficiency;
33:33 Government support;
35:11 Reaction to changes in comedy;
38:12 Importance of tact;
40:10 Merit vs gender politics;
42:11 The Schembri Challenge – Would she portray a POC for a lot of money?;
47:13 Thoughts on “blackface” comedy;
50:40 Advice for taking care of voice and throat;
52:44 Gargling;
54:13 Hot toddy recipe;
55:20 Recording mishap nightmare in Melbourne;
56:04 The importance of getting agreements down in writing;
57:42 Mercury in retrograde, bad news for a Gemini.

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