Why We Run – ‘3100’ director Sanjay Rawal discusses the making & meaning of his documentary

The documentary 3100: Run and Become was to have been released in cinemas on 30 March, but the shutdown caused by the Coronavirus took care of that.

It also put the kibosh on Sanjay Rawal’s planned tour of Australia, during which he was going to attend several post-screening Q&A sessions of the film in Melbourne, Perth, Bunbury, Sydney and Canberra. It would have been the perfect opportunity to speak with him.

But as the old saying goes: “Never let a global pandemic get in the way of a good interview”.

So in the middle of a very quiet, locked-down New York Sanjay Rawal was kind enough to make himself available via Skype.

Kindly excuse the ordinary quality of the vision, which is a little scratchy due to so many New Yorkers using the internet on the night we spoke. The audio, however, is very clear.

Please enjoy.